Hardware & Processing – Orange Level

The Computing Progression Pathways suggests that at the orange level, on the theme of Hardware & Processing, a student should demonstrate that he/she:

  • Knows that computers collect data from various input devices, including sensors and application software. (Abstraction)
  • Understands the difference between hardware and application software, and their roles within a computer system. (Abstraction)

The following link to cs4fn articles that illustrate Hardware & Processing – Orange Level

  • Researchers have come up with a way for people with visual impairment to get more out of images – a method for automatically turning photos of faces into raised pictures that people can feel with their fingers.

    Fingers feeling focus [cs4fn-pdf]

More of our resources, including linked computing ‘story’ booklets can be found in our resources section. You may also want to look at cs4fn’s teacher resources or browse the latest cs4fn magazine.

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