Communication & Networks – Black Level

The Computing Progression Pathways suggests that at the black level, on the theme of Communication & Networks, a student should demonstrate that he/she:

  • Knows the purpose of the hardware and protocols associated with networking computer systems. (Abstraction) (Algorithmic Thinking)
  • Understands the client-server model including how dynamic web pages use server-side scripting and that web servers process and store data entered by users. (Abstraction) (Algorithmic Thinking) (Decomposition)
  • Recognises that persistence of data on the internet requires careful protection of online identity and privacy.

The following link to cs4fn articles that illustrate Communication & Networks – Black Level

  • Computer science isn’t just about using language, sometimes it’s about losing it. Sometimes people want to send messages so secret that no one even knows the messages exist.

    Hiding in Skype [cs4fn-pdf]

More of our resources, including linked computing ‘story’ booklets can be found in our resources section. You may also want to look at cs4fn’s teacher resources or browse the latest cs4fn magazine.

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