Multiplication Table Pixel Puzzles

Multiplication pixel puzzles are colour-by-number puzzles where the numbers to colour in are given by the multiplication tables. For example in the long, lost animal picture below, you colour in only squares that contain a multiple of 9. Think about different algorithms to follow to colour it in. Look first for patterns in the numbers that make up the times table concerned and you may be able to find ways to spot (and remember) the multiples.

In simpler versions for younger children they support counting in given amounts like counting in 5s. Again look for the patterns.

Have children create their own.

This shows how new algorithms are often based on spotting patterns.


Learn about:

  • pattern matching and algorithmic thinking
  • counting in given amounts
  • the times tables

9 times table Pixel Puzzleslonglostanimalclip

5 times table Pixel Puzzles

Counting in 5s Pixel Puzzles (suitable for Y1 up)counting5sbigbabyanimalSOLUTION


3 times table Pixel PuzzlesSnowFlakeSolution

Try our other kinds of pixel puzzles or even make up your own times table pixel puzzle.


If you can program, write a program that is given a list of numbers representing the picture, the size of the grid and the times table it uses, and prints out the picture e.g. using spaces and stars. Write different versions of the program that follow the different algorithms you thought up.

This activity is inspired by the wonderful Multiplication Tables Colouring Book series by Hilary McElderry, Tarquin Books ( Buy them for more multiplication colour-by-number puzzles.