KS3 Computing Week 3

In this week we look at binary numbers further, considering hexadecimal numbers. Character coding systems using binary representations are also covered as this gives an introduction to how computers deal with different types of data, a topic explored in Week 5.

In the programming section of the course, we introduce If statements which are a basic construct in programming. If statements exist in every programming language and students will be continually revisiting and developing their understanding of this construct in their programming career.

Presentation for week 3

Hex exercises

Python programming activity

Starter program for week 3

Answers to week 3 exercise

Consolidation tasks for week 3

  1. Revise the last two week’s work on binary numbers, storing text, hexadecimal numbers etc. Come up with a lesson plan that you think would be appropriate for one of your KS3 classes with a mixture of unplugged and paper exercises.
  2. Work through the exercises in the Python handout and try to finish them all. If you want some more Python input in this topic, go to this area of Python School.

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