Computer Science and History

Computer Science changes history, and has been doing for centuries, if not millennia. The Romans used cryptography and steganography. Mary Queen of Scots lost here head because she didn’t know enough computer science. The Victorians created the foundations for the Internet Age. World War II was won not because the Generals were clever but because the computer scientists were always telling them what the other side were about to do. When you understand the computer science that is going on in the background, affecting everything, history can look very different…and computer science looks different when you know its history.

So here is history from a computer science point of view, and computer science from a historical point of view.

Magazines to download

The following magazines include articles on the history of computing.

History (with a twist of Computer Science for Fun)

… and more to come

London History Tour

Take our tour of London and learn some computing as you go, with our computing guide to London’s history.

cs4fn subject portal

There are lots of fun articles on the cs4fn about computer science and history. See the portal:

External Websites

Here are other websites that include History with links:

  • KS3 History Games
    • This site has lots of games and puzzles like word searches that are also a chance to teach some computing such as search algorithms.