Emoticon Poems

Emoticons are a way to use letters an punctuation to indicate emotions. The first recorded use is in a Stuart era poem. Write a poem about emotions that includes emoticons.

 In 1648 by Robert Herrick, an English poet in his poem “To Fortune” included a smiley on the end of a line about smiling:

Tumble me down, and I will sit
Upon my ruins, (smiling yet:)


Write your own poem that includes emoticons for different emotions at appropriate places in your poem.

Here is my attempt at an emoticon poem

I am weary all the time (=_=)
Oh, how I wish I could feel fine (^_^)

Here are some example emoticons you might use:

:-) smiling, happy

:-( sad, unhappy

D:< horror, disgust

:$ embarrassed

:E nervous

Japanese emoticons are the right way up rather than being on their side, and give more alternatives

(^_^;) nervous

((+_+)) confused

(^_^) joyful

(T_T) or (;_;) sad

(=_=) tired

(?_?) confused

(*_*) amazed

( ̄ー ̄) grinning

(°◇°) surprised

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