2018 CAS Conference Session 4

Session 4 (PM2) – 14:40 – 15:40

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H1 – Primary: LGFL cross curricula with VR with Bradley Dardis

H2 – Primary: Assessment with Phil Bagge

H6 – Secondary: KS4 – Challenges of teaching GCSE & flipped classroom solutions w Craig n Dave

H7 – Primary / Secondary: KS3/4 – Embedding Computational Thinking w Rob Heathcote
The session will begin by looking at what is computational thinking and its role in the classroom. The principles of abstraction and decomposition are discussed with practical examples before concluding with how the same principles of decomposition and abstraction can be applied to teaching to better embed understanding. We will also cover techniques of procedural variation, in our approach to lesson building.

IT1 – Primary: Unplugged / Scratch w Jane Waite & Susan Mehmet

IT2 – Secondary: KS4/5 – Sorting & Searching Algorithms in Python w Demetrios Skamiotis
We will be exploring the key features of the search and sort algorithms for Computing KS4+5.The session will look into the common features between the various algorithms as well as common student misconceptions. There will also be an opportunity to implement these algorithms in Python, using the opportunity to look at activities teachers can go away and use instantly with students.

IT3 – Primary / Secondary: KS2/3/4 – Cybersecurity w Duncan Maidens

IT6 – Secondary: A level – Advanced Python (Web Dev Frameworks & Python) w Sue Sentance

IT7 – Secondary: A level – Big O notation w Python w Ramzi Ramzi
This session will cover what Big O is, explaining O(1), O(N), O(N^2), and O(log N). Practical activities will get you coding each example in Python using various sized datasets (whilst hopefully not crashing all of computers!) By the end of the session, you will feel more confident explaining and showing students what Big O is using Python.

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