CAS London Conference 2018 – AM2 (Session Two)

Session 2 (AM2) – 11:25 – 12:25

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CANCELLED: Secondary: Edexcel exam board with Atif Khan
CANCELLED: Secondary: Creating websites with HTML

H1 – Primary: Google classrooms/G Suite w Darren Murphey & Wendy McLeod

H2 – Primary: KS2/3 – FastForward: Machine Learning & Big Data including digital identity w Paul Curzon & Jane Waite
Are driverless cars fact or fiction? Can machines make better AI than humans can? How is our data used? Can we support our young people to understand their online (and real life) persona? Practical ideas for starters, plenaries and projects.

IT1 – Secondary: Algorithm writing with pseudo code & flow charts w Trevor Bragg

IT2 – Secondary: Stride (a framebased editor to transition from blocks to text) with Neil Brown
Stride is a new programming language that aims to combine the best of blocks languages (like Scratch and Snap!) with the power of full-text programming (like Java or Python).  Stride is available in the Greenfoot and BlueJ beginners’ programming environments.  This workshop will explain the concepts behind Stride and its advantages compared to other types of programming.  Participants will get hands-on experience with Stride as they create a game while learning what the Stride language has to offer.

IT3 – Primary: Physical computing pedagogy (inc spheros, microbits, bluebots, drones) w Nic Hughes

IT6 – Secondary: A level – Boolean Algebra & Karnaugh Maps w Eliot Williams

IT7 – Secondary: A level – Making hardware work (binary, Arduino) w Michael Jones
Creating an embedded system using Arduino. Take home a binary machine!

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