CAS London Conference 2018 – AM1 (Session One)

Session 1 (AM1) – 10:20 – 11:20

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H1 – Primary: Using tangible programming to support SEN w Jody Carter
Tangible programming resources can be used to help support SEN children access the computing curriculum.  A range of resources will be demonstrated along with possible benefits and activities. Products to be used include SAM labs, LittleBits, MakeBlocks and others.

H2 – Primary: Smelly code & programming pedagogy with Jane Waite
In this hands of session, you will mark code and create a practical student checklist of what makes sweet code! Bring along code for marking! We will also look at two very practical methods to review your planning to reveal what pedagogy you already use. We will look at instructional approaches to scaffold learning as well as ideas for encouraging independence and mastery.

H5 – Secondary: pedagogy with William Lau
We all work hard, but what we really want to know is what techniques work best in the computing classroom. How does Computing pedagogy differ from other subjects? How can you ensure strong student outcomes? How do you balance teaching a large body of theoretical content whilst developing confident programmers and problem solvers? William will attempt to answer these questions based on research in the fields of cognitive science, curriculum design and computing pedagogy. He will also draw on his personal experience of developing a computing department from scratch (no, not the block-based programming language!).

H6 – Secondary: AQA exam board session with Chris Swan

H7 – Primary: iPads, apps for classroom impact w Gillian Ingram

IT1 – Secondary: Python Introduction w John Feleppa

IT2 – Primary/Secondary: Minecraft (virtual worlds & programming) w Simon Johnson (CLC Cimon)

IT3 – Creative projects w micro:bit (python focus) w Drew Buddie

IT6 – Secondary: A level – Databases in Python with Hardip Mothada

IT7 – Secondary: A level – OOP w William Marsh

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