[London only] Friday afternoon cs4fn freebie giveaway

After last week’s rather popular Ada Lovelace magazine giveaway I’ve found some other bits and pieces in my boss’s office where we have enough of them to make 10 ‘packs’. This week it’s just for Londoners as I’m also including a flyer for our free Christmas magic show which is taking place on Wednesday 2 December at 5pm. I’ll definitely do more stuff for non-Londoners next week, promise :)

What’s in the pack?


  • a flyer for our Christmas magic show
  • A magic book
  • A pack of cards
  • A cs4fn magazine
  • A teleporting robot sheet
  • The robot dot illusion sheet
  • Biology loves Technology mini booklet
  • Hexahexaflexagons booklet and a sheet of hexahexaflexagons for you to cut out, fold, glue together and flex.

I couldn’t fit any more into the envelope! (I did a test run).

If you fancy receiving this early next week then fill in this London-centric form below and if you’re in the first ten (and your address is London) I’ll post you a pack. Non-London addresses (ie if you’re not within one of the 33 boroughs of London) will be deleted I’m afraid.

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