Know someone aged 15-18 interested in 3D animation? FREE 3Dami summer school in July/Aug

For UK students aged 15-18 there’s an opportunity to participate in a week-long summer school learning about 3D animation techniques. 3Dami are the people behind the event, which will take place at UCL Engineering in London, and here’s their ‘blurb’:

“3Dami is a 7 day summer school where groups of students run their own studio and create their own animated short film from scratch. It operates at the intersection of art and technology (computer science), and is well suited to students with an interest in both. Students get to experience a semi-realistic studio setup, and create their film as a real studio would – it requires teamwork, thinking on their feet and hard work. The skills taught are directly related to the film effects and computer game industries, both of which are booming in the UK. There will be an industry visit and talks given by experts. The event is completely free for UK students aged 15-18 (includes free food!) and runs at UCL (London) from July 24th to August 1st. Please visit the website ( to watch last year’s films and for further details, including how to apply.”

“3Dami London are looking for 24 students to make up 3 film studios.  Students are welcome to apply from all over the UK as long as they can sort out their own transportation and accommodation (hopefully there will be some bursaries available).”

You can also download the PDF poster to advertise in schools, click the picture below to open or right-click save as to save, and there’s a YouTube video below that.

The event will run Thursday 24th July – Friday 1st August (inclusive), most days start at 9am and finish at 5:00pm.  On the final Friday there will be a première of the films to parents, friends and other dignitaries at UCL, this event is likely to finish around 8:30pm.

More information from 3Dami London 2014.

3Dami pdf poster

Click to open / save PDF poster


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