We can post CS4FN to UK school addresses

We’re occasionally asked by people from outside the UK if we can post them back issues of CS4FN or add them to the print distribution list for future issues. Unfortunately this isn’t possible.

When CS4FN began in 2005 the project was funded for 10 years by the EPSRC and this money supported the distribution of copies around the globe. However once that grant ended the project has continued to be funded from individual smaller grants, and to keep costs manageable we now only post within the UK. However all of our material is freely available to download in PDF form here https://cs4fndownloads.wordpress.com/

People have kindly offered to pay to have issues sent but apart from the fact that we want the magazines to be free this would introduce an additional admin burden (we’re a small team – just Prof Paul Curzon and me (Jo Brodie)). Also the licence for some of the images we’ve used precludes us from charging for the magazine. It’s also not that straightforward for us to post anything outside the UK and this would add extra cost either to our Post Room team, or to our own departmental overheads.

On occasion we’ve posted bulk copies to universities or festivals outside the UK where Prof Curzon has been scheduled to give a talk but in general we post only to UK school addresses (including homeschoolers).

If you are a UK-based school and would like to receive printed copies (of the next issue of the magazine) please fill in the purple form here https://teachinglondoncomputing.org/sign-up/