Sequencing and Looping Puzzles

These simple puzzles take common activities already used in primary school and add a programming context for pre-coders.

Programmers ‘sequence’ instructions: putting them in the right order. Sequences are often placed into ‘loops’, doing the same sequences of instructions over and over. Sequences and loops occur in nature too. Lifecycles, for example, are sequences of events happening in a loop.

In these puzzles the cycles are fitted in to a flow chart style diagram familiar to programmers. If you were programming a cartoon about the life cycle of frogs, for example, you’d need to code the same looping sequence. The flow chart version might correspond to the storyboard design created to help code the actual program.

Send primary school students to our ‘Bit of CS4FN’ sequencing and looping puzzle page to find these puzzles

frogletLifecycle of a frog

Cut out and place these pictures from the lifecycle of a frog in to the given loop. Start with the frogspawn and make sure you put them in the right sequence.

More sequencing and looping puzzles to come…


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