Robot PE

Make exercise routines the kind of thing robots might do, following instructions.

Learn sequences, directions, coordinates, following instructions and improve fitness and thinking on the move.

Set out a 5 by 5 grid on the playground, eg by placing 25 buckets in a grid or marking it out with chalk.

Version 1: Solo relay

Have everyone line up off the bottom of the grid but in the middle (so just below position (0,2) in coordinate terms). Have a pile of bean bags (or similar). You have a pack of cards containing a sequence of simple instructions of the form:

  • Forward n
  • Backward n
  • Left n
  • Right n
  • Exit grid

eg A card might read

  1. Forward 4
  2. Left 1
  3. Backward 2
  4. Right 2
  5. Exit grid

For each new child, turn over the card and shout out the instructions. The must remain facing the same way at all times so that they are running backwards for “Backward instructions and sideways for left and right instructions. They must follow the instructions and deposit a bean bag in the appropriate bucket. They then return to tag the next person then join the back of the queue.

Version 2: Team Race

As above but set out two grids and have two teams. Each has a pack of cards that they child takes and follows. Points for the correctly placed beanbags. Fastest team gains 5 extra points.

Version 3: Coordinate start

As either of the above but the first instruction gives a coordinate to go to as the first instruction, eg

  1. Go to (1,1)
  2. Forward 3
  3. Left 1
  4. Backward 2
  5. Right 1
  6. Exit grid

Version 4: Conditionals

As either of the above but the some or all of the instructions are conditionals, and students wear coloured bibs that are used to determine if the follow the instruction or not

eg A card might now read

  1. IF red THEN Forward 4
  2. IF green THEN Forward 3
  3. IF red THEN Backward 1
  4. IF green THEN Left 1
  5. IF red THEN Left 2
  6. IF green THEN Backward 2
  7. IF green THEN Right 2
  8. IF red THEN Right 1
  9. Exit grid

Alternatively instructions could use IF-THEN-ELSE statements

  1. IF red THEN Forward 4 ELSE Forward 3
  2. IF green THEN Left 1 ELSE Left 2
  3. IF red THEN Backward 1 ELSE Backward 2
  4. IF green THEN Right 2 ELSE Right 1
  5. Exit grid

Version 5: Loops

Add short repetition instructions such as REPEAT 2 TIMES … or REPEAT UNTIL at (3,3) … or REPEAT UNTIL at blue bucket …

Version 6: Procedure call and return

Explicitly add return instructions. Have a set of named cards laid out on a table with instructions on the other side. Top level instructions you shout out now just name the card. You also have a baton and the robot person needs to take the baton first. That person first finds the card on the table, follows those instructions then returns putting the card back on the table and returning the baton.

Combine this with instructions to REPEAT a card a given number of times.