Christmas Pixel Puzzles

Solve simple colour-by-number puzzles linked to Christmas and winter, and gain a deeper understanding of image representation. 

Pixel puzzles turn the ways images are represented as a series of numbers representing pixels into puzzles. The simplest ones as on this page are a simple variant of colour-by-number puzzles. More complex puzzles are based on compression algorithms.


For a wide range of pixel puzzles with other pictures that also include one that help practice times tables, symmetry and more, visit our main pixel puzzle page. For lots of different kinds of unplugged Christmas Computing activities visit our Christmas computing page.

Below are lots of downloadable sheets to print off, with the answers visible so you can see what the pictures are – or send kids to our “Bit of cs4fn” website where they can download them directly themselves without seeing the answers first.

The Computing

One way images are represented and so stored in a computer or digital camera is as a grid of numbers. This way of representing an image is called a bitmap image or a raster image. Find out more about the computing and computational thinking lessons on our main pixel puzzle page.


The Puzzles

Father Christmaschristmaspixelpuzzle

Robot Rudolph, by Elisa HuenChristmasRobot1-6x16Solution

Robot Snowman, By Elaine HuenChristmasRobot2-16x16Solution

Christmas Pudding, by Elaine Huen ChristmasPuddingSolution

Robot Christmas Elf ChristmasFuture16x16Solution

Symmetrical Pixel Puzzles


A variation of a simple pixel puzzle  is a symmetrical pixel puzzle. See our page of these puzzles for more christmas puzzles.


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