Pernille Bjorn: Equitable collaborative computing and Atari women

Pernille Bjorn

With kind permission of Pernille Bjorn.

Pernille is advancing equity and innovation in technology by researching computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). Simply put, she is exploring the basic nature of collaborative work and how to use this knowledge to design cooperative technologies for all. She has worked on systems in hospitals, looked at working conditions in India and the Philippines and more recently explored the use of collaborative technologies in makerspaces and tech entrepreneurships in Palestine.

As well as innovating how people work using technology, Pernille is also the creator of Atari Women. This is a research project which highlights the work of women game developers who contributed to Atari games in the 1970’s and 80’s. These famous game developers, such as Suki Lee, Carla Meninsky and Dona Bailey,  created some of the very first computer games.



History and computing: Find out about women in the early computer gaming industry. Use the Atari Women website to play games and explore the CUTSCENES to listen to women game designers talk about their work. Who said ‘On my first day at work, I was introduced to maybe 30 guys. Are they all mostly Dave? I’ll just call everyone Dave’?

Create a play, story, quiz or game about being one of these early game designers.

This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).

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