Olympic Pixel Puzzles

Solve simple colour-by-number puzzles with an olympics theme and gain a deeper understanding of image representation. 

Use the key that tells you the colour to colour in each number to reveal a picture. Find out more about how images are represented as pixels (and find more pixel puzzles) on our main pixel puzzle page here.

Pixel puzzles to do online in a spreadsheet

Download each spreadsheet to find a series of pixel puzzles. Each shows the same picture but at a different resolution. The resolution of an image is just the number of pixels that you have to draw it. The higher the resolution to the more pixels that you have, the more accurate the picture is. Curved edges become less jagged. However you need a very large number of pixels before circles can be made to look smooth to the human eye.

Spreadsheet (XLS): Select a cell and then choose the colour corresponding to the one given for the number in the key.

Print PDF: Print out the pdf and colour in by hand.

The following pixel puzzles are coming soon…

Olympic rings and Olympic wreath (by Elisa)

Now create your own olympic themed pixel puzzles (eg of icons to represent each sport).

More pixel puzzles

Make a modular origami laurel wreath