KS3 Computing Week 8

The final week of the course is devoted to programming. An easy-to-use interface is introduced to develop more visually appealing programs with buttons and menus. More strategies for teaching programming in a differentiated way are explored. We will additionally use the BBC micro:bit to demonstrate more variety in teaching Computing to KS3.

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Programming with EasyGui

Programming with the BBC micro:bit

Today we will use Alex Hadwen-Bennett’s resources: Micro_bit SoW for Micro Python using MicroPython and Mu

Other resources for KS3

Here is a small selection of resources that you might want to try to support teaching Computing at KS3 – in addition to the HUGE number of teacher shared resources at http://community.computingatschool.org.uk


  • Code Combat   – a game-like environment for learning Python using challenges
  • Repl.it – an onine environment for Python 3 (and other languages) where you can set up a classroom for your students and share resources
  • Trinket.io – another online environment for Python and other languages
  • Codio – another online environment for Python with some useful tutorials for teachers and students and some great assessment features (Codio is free for teachers who are CAS members)
  • Microsoft MakeCode resources – Microbit resources using Block-based programming and Javascript (dual-modality)
  • App Lab and Hour of Code (part of Code.org) – App Lab may be a little bit too advanced but worth looking at it (another dual-modality environment)

Other resources