KS3 Computing Week 6

In the theory side of the course we will be looking at how images are stored. We will finish by exploring the difference between volatile and non-volatile memory. Unplugged exercises are used to introduce key concepts.

In the programming side of the course we continue with problem-solving using Python, further developing skills in use of variables, if statements, working with loops, etc.

Presentation for week 6 –  with no answers!

Presentation for week 6 (with the answers)

Programming in Python task sheet 

Starter program (easy)

Starter program (hard)

Answers to exercises (easy)

Answers to exercises (hard)

Answers to week 5 homework

Homework for week 6

Create a debugging activity. You will need to:

  • Write a program or use a program that you have used in the course and save the correct, working version.
  • Add 5-10 bugs to it and save the function with a new name.

Email the buggy and the corrected version to me before next Monday.