KS3 Computing Week 5

In this week we look at how the computer represents text and sound. This builds on an understanding of binary numbers. Any type of data stored by the computer is essentially reduced to the same basic binary representation, and this session introduces some of the ways in which this is achieved. Again a range of activities are suggested that can be used in class.

In this week we will introduce the while loop as well as revising other constructs. In the next three weeks, we build on the programming knowledge gained so far to solve a range of problems using Python. This will give more confidence and programming practice. The pedagogy adopted involves understanding, explaining and eventually modifying existing programs to maintain confidence.

Presentation for week 5 (with answers so don’t peek)

Additional resources


Python activity for week 5

Starter program

Answers to Python exercises

Mini TRACS exercises complete

Mini TRACS exercises

Homework for week 5 – this time it’s a sheet to fill in!