Egyptian Lost Tomb Puzzles

Thoth.svgUse logical thinking to solve these puzzles and find the long lost tombs of Ancient Egyptians.

Old records show that archeological sites contain the tombs of scribes (a large tomb covering 3 squares), craftsmen (medium, 2 squares) and merchants (small, 1 square).

A survey has gathered information of where tombs could be. Each number tells you how many squares are part of a tomb in that row or column. Tombs are never adjacent (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

Trial digs find some of the tombs (marked with a O). or nothing (marked by a X).

Can you work out where all the tombs are without further digging?

Place Xs everywhere no tomb could be from the clues and gradually work out where they must be.

Image of Thoth: by Jeff Dahl CC BY-SA 4.0

God of many things including writing, wisdom and the dead.


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