EC401U BACKUP Mid-Term Test


Only use this page if QMPlus is not available on the 20th October 2020, links will only be added/ enabled if QMPlus is down.

This page is for ECS401U students who are taking their mid-term test on 20th October 2020 and QMPlus is not available.

If QMPlus is not available on the 20th October 2020 and you cannot download the mid-term test booklets, you will be able to download them from 

  • 9am test booklets
  • 11am test booklets
  • 2pm test booklets
  • 4pm test booklets

If QMPlus is not available for you to upload your submission, you will be able to submit them HERE


  1. Name submission files as required, see below.
  2. Make two submissions, one for each of the test papers.
  3. As a further backup, please also email your submission to <email link>including your name, your student id, the module name and remember to name your files as required


Remember to name your submission files using the following convention.

Before submission, rename your answer booklet pdf files to include your surname and student identifier at the start of the file name, (ie the file named should have the form (where the A after the year is changed to B C or D depending on the test you do as indicated on the script_:



For example, mine would be 



Invigilation Question

During the test, if you need to ask the invigilators a question about the exam then please visit the invigilators room. If QMPlus is down, this is a ZOOM meeting and the link is HERE.

This is like “putting your hand up”, to ask a question in an exam.

Note Invigilators can not help you answer questions.