Dame Wendy Hall: Web Science

hall, wendy_bw from rs

Dame Wendy Hall  – Copyright Royal Society (with kind permission)

Pre-dating the World Wide Web, Dame Wendy Hall worked in a team which pioneered linking multimedia, such as text documents, photos, video and sound files, their system was called the Microcosm hypermedia system.  Tim Berners-Lee’s version of hypermedia became the standard that now links web pages across the world and on these pages are embedded multimedia. Dame Wendy’s work has been at the forefront of the Web’s development.

Wendy is a leading Web Scientist, meaning that she studies what the World Wide Web is, including understanding the underlying technologies, how people use the Web and its impact on society.

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Computing: Find out the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web.  Should all people of all ages from all countries have access to everything on the World Wide Web? Find out some facts on this and hold a class debate.

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