Tina Chowdhury: Bioengineering

Tina Chowdhury

Image credit: With kind permission of Tina Chowdhury.

Helping save and improve lives by combining biology, medicine, engineering, computer science and technology is Tina’s job at Queen Mary University of London. Tina’s research has included increasing mobility for those with osteoarthritis and helping babies survive life-threatening problems.

Leading a cross-disciplinary research team, Tina and her team teach university students and educate school pupils through outreach activities. Tina is also an inventor and has developed a 3D virtual science lab at QMUL which incorporates gaming and bioengineering.

Find out more about Tina’s work at cs4fn.

Classroom ideas

Science. Watch the BioEngineering Experience and imagine what it would be like to use the virtual lab. Design a 3D gaming environment for a different area of science e.g. testing combustibility of materials or building houses.


This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).


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