Susan Wojcicki: Marketing Ads

Advertising has a profound impact on what we buy and perhaps on what we think! That is the power of marketing.  Making it easy to target advertising to your prospective customers is a powerful idea.

Susan Wojcicki was in at the start of Google. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, set up their Google office in Susan’s garage when they were first setting out. Soon after, Susan became Google’s first marketing manager and since then has held high profile senior roles. She led on the introduction of AdSense the process which manages how web page providers get paid by companies to advertise on their site. Do you realise what advertising is being targetted at you when you are online?



PSHE&C.  What ads are shown on the websites you and your family regularly visit? Does this targeted marketing work? Look at the Children’s Commissioner’s  Top ten tips for minimising children’s data footprints. How could you incorporate some of these ideas in your home and school life?

This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).