Roy L Clay Sr: Silicon Valley CEO   

Starting out as a programmer, Roy L Clay Sr may not have realised that he would become one of the most important tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

He worked his way through the ranks, as a software engineer, development manager, lead developer, consultant and then started his own company.

The area that Roy’s company specialises in is electrical safety of any device from computers to dishwashers. To check that such equipment is safe manufacturers have to undertake tests, and that is where Roy’s company comes in. They make the tech that does the testing. This includes high potential (hipot) testing of cables which find shorts or near shorts in wiring without damaging the components during tests. This is very important when you consider just how many electrical devices we now have in our homes, schools and workplaces – they all need to be safe to keep us safe.


Computing: Undertake an inventory of all the technology in your class, school and home. Have all these items been tested recently for safety? Does your school have a policy on health and safety?

This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).