Mary Lou Jepsen: Invention and equity

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Image credit: By Maryloujepsen – Own work, Public Domain,

Mary Lou Jepsen not only invents high-tech imaging products she has also inspired low tech hardware for all.

Over 2 million children in 42 countries have received a low cost, low power laptop through the one laptop per child initiative that she co-founded. This programme is often cited as being what inspired later affordable home devices.

From art to medical products, Mary Lou has invented more than 200 optical devices,  including projector products and head-mounted displays.

In 1991 she created one of the largest holograms that filled an entire city block in Germany. Her latest projects involve working on medical imaging that use light and holography technology.



Art & Science: Design a huge hologram! Where could it be? What would it symbolise?  Investigate Openwater’s light-based imaging. How might this revolutionise medical care?