Lisa Gelobter: Multimedia via the web


Lisa led the product teams that developed Shockwave, software that allows multimedia (video and games) to be included in web pages and ultimately is used by 96% of web users.

Having worked for various companies in the early days of computer graphics her work was one of the inspirations behind the GIF image format. She was also the driving force behind tEQuitable a company she set up to help support and promote equality and diversity in the technology industry and was able to shape and change US policy as the White House’s Chief Digital Service Officer.


Computing and history, geography or other: Whenever you are researching a topic using online resources make a note of the different formats of media you find (e.g. games, videos, photographs, artwork, infographics, sound recordings, podcasts) and start to keep a class list of the best resources of each format.

When you have three or four of each format compare them and create a checklist of what makes a great one of each type. Then when presenting a topic, as a class,  use your checklists to develop a web page with a range of multimedia resources with different formats and use your checklist to ensure you include the best features.

This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).