Jeremiah Onaolapo:Cyber Security Specialist


Catching criminals is, unfortunately, part of today’s world where not everyone is as honest as they could be. We might have a picture in our head of high-speed chases and handcuffs, but in todays, crime infested cyberworld more subtle approaches are needed.

Jeremiah Onaolapo specialises in cybersecurity and has designed a way to tempt criminals into trying this out, on fake accounts rather than on the real thing. Not everyone behaved badly, some people tried to help others.

Read more about Jeremiah’s honeypot research on the  cs4fn website.


Computing. Find out about cybersecurity. Develop a quiz, game, presentation, play or artwork to share what you have found out with the rest of your school,  your family and perhaps your wider community.

This work was supported by the Institute of Coding, which is supported by the Office for Students (OfS).