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As the owners of a large website we receive a LOT of emails from people hoping that we might give them some money, ostensibly to make it better in some way (more amenable to Google’s search engine vagaries). Here is a selection… (names and contact details are redacted).

About CS4FN

24 July 2021


Subject line: Where is your Web visibility for

Hello Team,

Hope you are doing well with your business.

Online marketing and promotion play a vital role in determining the success of your business.  However, my team observed a huge need of improvement on your website to get better performance

Here are some of the results of the analysis done by my team of experts on your website.

  • Key phrases selected for your site are not competitive enough.
  • On page and website issues are the major setback leading to non-performance.
  • Aggressive Social media promotion will help you to achieve brand visibility.

If you are interested, you can revert and my team would provide you with a free analysis report for your website. You can also fix an appointment with our tech expert to get a free consultation on how to improve your visibility and ranking in the search results.

Warm Regards,


Marketing Manager

About Teaching London Computing

19 July 2021


Subject line: get on top page

Hello Team,

I hope you are well.

This is [REDACTED], while searching over the search engine I came across your website and thought, it would be a good idea to do an analysis on the website as your website looked exquisite!, very well written and informative. But I was really worried after seeing the website online health. Now I can say why the website may not be driving traffic. The basic point missing in the website is back-links, adding to this the coding issues are not making it any good either.

I am keeping this short, but I can give you my word, if given a chance, we can turn this around to make the website a great success.

If you are already using someone for the website, they should be aware of the basic reasons why the website is failing to drive traffic and looking at the current status of the website, I am sure they have no clue. So would let it to your wise decision here. If you would be interested, I can send you a no obligation analysis report of the website for your reference.

Please do let me know if you need any information.

Have a great day.

Thanks & Regards,
[REDACTED] | (Analyst)

Disclaimer:-If Interested we will send more details on our “corporate identity”, “company profile”, “why you should choose us?”, “Price list”,  etc. in our next email. Newsletter, If Not, You can simply reply with “remove” and we will delete your email from our list. “The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003”.

15 July 2021


Subject line: Some thoughts on

Hi teachinglondoncomputingTeam,

Hope you are doing well

I am sure this email will bring you the actual status of your website which will enhance your online business.

We know what your website means to you and is going to tell exactly what you can do to boost its presence. Not getting enough online visibility to have multiple reasons which most of the web, owners have understood and are implementing modernized techniques to reach targeted traffic.

Our team can deliver you the exact solution you are looking for your website, please find below some of the services we provide:

  • Best keyword selection and ranking on the first page for the selected Keywords.
  • Targeting Social networks to get maximum visibility.
  • We manage well impression through our online reputation management services.
  • Regular updates on the website to make it look fresh and error-free.

I would love to present a detailed analysis report of your website along with errors that your website has and ways to improve your Google rankings. If you want I can fix up an appointment with one of my certified analysts for a free consultation on your website improvement.

Even though we do not support sending emails from a Gmail account, nevertheless, once you revert, the PR executives will get in touch via corporate email ID.
We will be looking forward to your response.


Digital Marketing Analyst
Ps: You may ask us to “REMOVE” to stop further correspondence.