Algorithms and Data Structures in Python for A-Level

In this course, we will consider the topic of Algorithms and Data Structures at A-Level. The course is intended to offer subject knowledge training in this area as well as approaches to pedagogy.

Homework will be given and we expect that teachers will spend around 2 hours per week consolidating new knowledge. Materials for the course will all be available online.

Week 1: Representations of data structures

This session will focus on data structures including arrays, strings, tuples, stacks, queues and lists. In addition to considering the properties of these abstract types there will be programming tasks based around the implementation of these types.

Presentation for week 1

Tasks for week 1

These are in a zipped file – download and extract then open with Idle.

Week 2: Recursion

This session will focus on introducing recursion. Given the (well known) confusion that this topic sometimes creates, we will seek to make it simple using pictorial rather than mathematical examples. We will start will a review of functions, since a good grasp of this is essential for understanding recursion.

Presentation for week 2

Tasks for week 2 – worksheet

  • Starter programs
  • Answers to exercises

These are zipped file – download and extract before opening with Idle.