QMUL / Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science – 2018 – Week Six

Every Autumn since 2015 the Computer Science department at Queen Mary University of London has hosted a series of Ri Masterclasses, with the Royal Institution (of Christmas Lectures fame).

Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science 2018

Week Six – 20 October 2018 with Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Julian Hough and Christopher Madge on Natural Language Processing, in the Informatics Teaching Laboratory (ITL) with Ben Dornan from the Ri (also providing First Aid cover).

In our final week the class considered language, how we communicate with each other (and how easy it is to miscommunicate) and how computers can be taught to understand language and the sentiment behind it, eg the difference between –

I love that!


I love that! </sarcasm>

Julian has kindly made his presentation and worksheet available which you can download below.

Screenshot 2018-10-23 13.06.18