QMUL / Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science – 2018 – Week Five

Every Autumn since 2015 the Computer Science department at Queen Mary University of London has hosted a series of Ri Masterclasses, with the Royal Institution (of Christmas Lectures fame).

Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science 2018

Week Five – 13 October 2018 – Rebecca (Becky) Stewart and Andrea Guidi on Coding with Pure Data and Bela. We were joined by Ben Dornan from the Ri who also provided First Aid support.


Prepping the bits of kit before the workshop starts – plenty of little connectors


The Bela (black, on white ‘breadboard’) is connected to a series of switches that when pressed will play a sample of music.


Headphones used while everyone practices and perfects their created piece of music, from the samples.


Finally we connected a small speaker (not shown) and each team performed their piece.

Electronics Lab, Engineering Building, QMUL, Mile End Road
It’s the same building as last week (Wk4, Recursion with Gustavo Lau) but a different room, on the ground floor!


  • Come to Stepney Green tube station, exit and turn left onto Mile End Road
  • If you want to pick up a snack there’s a small Sainsbury’s just behind you to your left, if not carry on walking and cross Globe Road (there’s also a Co-op there)
  • Keep walking up Mile End Road, past Bancroft Road (don’t turn into Bancroft Road this week, keep walking)
  • You will come to a building set back from the road, with a glass front and five bollards in front of it, it’s also next to a Bus Stop (D) where the 25 and 205 buses stop – that’s the Engineering Building (Google Streetview shows what it looks like).
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  • We’ll be in the G2 Labs on the ground floor