QMUL / Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science – 2018 – Week Three

Every Autumn since 2015 the Computer Science department at Queen Mary University of London has hosted a series of Ri Masterclasses, with the Royal Institution (of Christmas Lectures fame).

Ri Masterclasses in Computer Science 2018

Week Three – 29 September 2018 with William Marsh and Paulo Oliva on Social Networks  in the Informatics Teaching Laboratory (ITL) with Ben Dornan from the Ri (also providing First Aid cover).

Screenshot 2018-09-29 13.58.37

The class played with an example of a social networking application (called Robin’s Nest) which could be downloaded onto local, networked computers and used to communicate with others in the class. They used SQLite Manager (a Firefox plugin) to look at the application’s database and to change features ‘under the bonnet’. After familiarising themselves with database concepts such as tables, key, relationships and constraints the class used Python to query the database.