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Teaching London Computing is now working with the Institute of Coding to further support educators of computing. Here are the resources developed to date. We hope they will help educators better understand both the subject and its wider context, and provide teaching ideas as well as pedagogy around teaching computing.

Celebrating diversity in computing – more!

Posters celebrating diversity in computing

linearsearch1Algorithmic Pattern Puzzles

image Disability


image    Black history

templarflag   The Templar Cipher

Christmas Kriss Kross Puzzles


8 juliana_rotich-magic
Juliana Rotich: Crowdsourcing in a crisis

25 christine farion 2
Christine Farion: Wearable Computing

26 shwetal shah
Shwetal Shah: Tools to learn and digital activist

21 tina&jon
Tina Chowdhury: Bioengineering

Annie Easley

Image Credit: By NASA Science and Engineering Newsletter – Fagowees, Public Domain,

Annie Easley: NASA Energy Programs

Ada Lovelace

Image credit: Science & Society Picture Library

Ada Lovelace: Pioneer Programmer

17 barbara_liskov_mit_computer_scientist_2010-magic

Image credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel CC BY-SA 3.0

Barbara Liskov: Programming Languages

Dorcas Muthoni: Entrepreneur and AfChix founder

Carrie Anne Philbin: Geek gurl diaries

Evelyn Boyd Granville: Space software

Florence Nightingale: Important Infographics

Fran Allen: Clever Translation – Compilers

Grace Hopper : Readable code and bugs

Pseudocode Poems

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